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"She truly took the time to understand us, and to make sure our ceremony reflected our union.

Needless to say, she comes highly recommended by my new husband and I!"  - Samantha

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Janet Dunn

Consider taking time to understand and improve yourself through self-work and relationship coaching.  This work can bring a strong and healthy you to the relationship. The coaching process works on your communication skills, your insights, your goals, boundaries and helps bring more clarity into your marriage. These skills are some of what it takes to make your bond healthy, loving and long-lasting. I really suggest you find a relationship coach, life coach, or counselor even before the big "I DO'S!"

Janet is a certified life and relationship coach. She has been practicing coaching for the last decade and has found it to be rewarding to both the couple and herself. 

Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant*

Rev. Janet Dunn

Welcome to Janet Dunn Weddings!

I write, I create, I investigate and find just what you two would most love for your ceremony! I truly love writing ceremonies. It is my honor to create a ceremony especially for YOU. It is my privilege to be your guide through this process.  Creating your perfect ceremony is my true delight!

Words matter in a ceremony because the ceremony speaks of commitment, intention, dreams, insight, and always love. How this is expressed is important. Words matter because your ceremony is a declaration of love and how you intend to be in your commitment to each other.

Your wedding ceremony is about the two of you. It is reflective of your values, your dreams, your personality, and like NO others. It speaks of joy, love and honor. It can be funny, sweet, romantic, spiritual and serious. It is always about your love for each other. I write from the heart and this writing comes from what the couple feels is special to them. It is a sacred moment that the two of you share. I create your love stories, find your special readings, rituals, vows, and blessings.


My name is Rev. Janet Dunn, I am a non-denominational Minister and certified Life-Cycle Celebrant through the Celebrant Foundation and Institute. It is my intention to create a ceremony that you and your family will remember always.

I believe in personal ceremonies that are like no other!


If you desire a ceremony that is special for the two of you, different than everyone else and reflects your union,  I would love to talk with you.  I love the wedding ceremonies that take place in the old repurposed barns, at the beginning of a trailhead, in the meadow, at the top or bottom of a mountain, your spiritual place in the woods or the country clubs. I love those DESTINATION weddings. It is all special to me! 

Getting a bit tense about it all, I teach meditation, relaxation, and yoga too! I can help you through the process and help you to be in the moment on your special day.

Janet Dunn Weddings also specializes in SHORT SWEET weddings.  I am very happy to meet you at a place of your choosing for a short sweet ceremony, too.